"I have been an avid, competitive runner most of my adult life, as well as being a professional horse trainer.  Because of the importance of using the core properly for both sports, but specifically for dressage, my equestrian discipline, I was interested in Pilates.  For Christmas, a year and a half ago, my husband surprised me with a gift certificate to Longevity.  I took the intro package with Donna and have been hooked ever since.  Donna’s expertise, patience and attention to detail made my experience at Longevity extremely productive.  My overall core strength, as well as my body awareness and coordination have improved greatly and, as a result my riding technique has improved as well.  Working with Donna has also helped me to become a better instructor.  I can more clearly explain to my dressage students how to control their bodies, what to focus on, and how to breathe, which has allowed them to become better partners with their horses.

However, the most important benefit from my Pilates training became evident 6 weeks ago. I tripped running and tore my rotator cuff.  I immediately started intensive physical therapy and I'm showing rapid improvement, hopefully avoiding surgery. Iwould never have been able to apply myself so intensely to PT without the body awareness and control that I learned from Donna." Susan L.


“My friend and I found Longevity Pilates and decided  to give it a try.  I took a Cathy’s Sunday CORE AND MORE class and I was hooked!   I would rearrange my Sunday schedule to come and when I couldn’t make it I felt guilty! (And still do).  I finally felt like a “fit” person, and slowly I was motivated to try new things; Reformer Duet, Mat Class and my new favorite; TABATA class.  I have run a 5k, a 5K with Zombies and 5 miles in mud! I’m also learning to snowboard! Longevity Pilates has not only made me a more active person but helped to relax and calm myself.   After my mother’s death I needed something to focus on and exercise helped me to clear my mind.  I feel if I hadn’t found Longevity and Cathy I would’ve been in a bad place for awhile and would have packed on the pounds. “Everyone in my classes are motivating and excited about working out and I could escape for an hour. All the good vibes and sweat paid off, I’ve lost almost 30lbs!! Thank you Cathy, Donna and all my Sunday ladies!!”  Kim R.


“My doctor told me that exercise would help me both physically and mentally, but I didn't want to join a gym; been there done that.  I knew I needed more individual attention.  That’s when I looked into Longevity Pilates.  I liked everything about it, starting with the website. A studio close to home that offered personal training and small group classes in a charming historical house. When I met Donna and started my intro package, I knew immediately it was a     perfect fit.  Donna was professional, warm and nurturing, upbeat and her technical ability is flawless.  She really walks the walk!  She created a warm and positive  environment that I really needed and I looked forward to my sessions. That was 2 years and 17 pounds ago!!  My fibromyalgia has been replaced by   agility and unbridled energy  The changes are so dramatic.  Not only do I look   better, I feel better from the inside out.The entire staff at Longevity are amazing individuals with interesting backgrounds and impressive credentials.  I admire all the women I’ve met in my classes, they are supportive and empowering! Donna has become a dear friend.  I value her work ethic passion, grace and spirit and commitment to her business. She and Longevity have done so much for me, more that they will ever know.  I am truly grateful to be a part of the Longevity Pilates Family.”  Sharon W.


"I am new to Pilates but got hooked on the first session. I have always been an athlete…was a serious gymnast when I was younger, have done all kinds of yoga including bikram, joined gym after gym and never really liked anything enough to stick to it and eventually kind of stopped exercising all together. Until now. I love my pilates class and look forward to it every week. If I had the time I would take a class every day!! Donna is a great teacher, always creative, happy, positive, and just fun to work with. I have finally found something that is great for mind and body…..thank you Donna!!"  Pia P.   

"Well, I was going to say Sixty, Sassy & Sexy, but as I thought about it, unfortunately, it is now Sixty, Sassy & Saggy!!!!! Ugh! Oh well,it is what it is!
I thank all for the birthday wishes and I thank my Pilates instructor and friend Donna Zaloom for giving me strength and a real good feeling about myself and knowing age is really just a number.
She rocks! Happy birthday to me!"
 Donna P.

"In the 2 years I have been taking Pilates with you, there have been so many times I've wanted to  write a letter of thanks.  Although my disabilities are subtle, the benefits of Pilates have been enormous and very practical.  Learning to focus on my core has improved my balance and made it possible for me to walk upright on the dock and get onto our boat for the first time in years!  I've been able to stop physical therapy and my doctor couldn't be more impressed.  Thank you so much for everything.  I am greatly appreciative."  Beverly S.

"More than exercise classes, Longevity Pilates provides a physically and mentally transformative experience in an elegant, comfortable and focused environment.  I love the precision my classes ask, the amazing instruction provided, and the connection Longevity Pilates has helped me to develop between my body and mind.  Along with undeniable physical results, I have gained an appreciation for the way the muscles of my body were intended to work, as if every class is a lesson in the anatomy of movement.  I never thought I would look forward to a work out, but Donna Zaloom and Longevity Pilates have converted me with their offerings of challenging, satisfying and uniquely rewarding experiences.  Thank you Longevity Pilates!" Sheila S.

"This is much, much more than a typical exercise studio!  I was tired of impersonal exercise studios where you feel like a number.   What I like here is that it is a very personal almost boutique-like experience. I just feel like the instructor is my friend as well as a teacher.  Eoanna P.

"I've been a regular at Longevity Pilates for well over a year-and-a-half, and the workouts continue to be challenging, fun and, most importantly, effective in helping me achieve a flat belly, and a long, strong body. Donna Zaloom is a true professional in every respect: she is a bright, knowledgeable, cheerful instructor, and she tailors a routine based on your needs. She'll consider your strengths, and weaknesses, and she's particularly insightful if you have pain from an injury. I do Cathy's Core and More class on Wed. (great for core-strength and a dripping calorie-burn), and Donna's chair class on Sunday's. I started with no experience, and now I'm now intermediate in the best shape of my life. Longevity Pilates continues to exceed my expectations in a relaxing, fun environment. My wife got me into Longevity Pilates, and we enjoy going to the studio together. On that note, Donna is expert at training pregnant women. Cheers!" Dr. Eric J.

"My Scoliosis always gave me back and hip pain.  Sometimes it was debilitating.  At 23, I thought I faced a future unable to do so many things I wanted to do.  After working with Laura for just a few months I feel like a new person!  I rarely have back or hip pain and when I do it gets better quickly.  I'm able to do so many things I wasn't able to do before.  I even started running again!   Corey Z.

Thanks to the fantastic teachers at Longevity Pilates I have gained an enhanced mind/body on many levels.  Now the quality of my life is one of joyous freedom from pain that previously prevented me from successfully participating in many physical activities.  I feel a new world of possibilities has opened up for me.  Janice G.

I feel like I rediscovered a younger self I had given up on!  I feel this training will give me healthy movement patterns for the rest of my life.  I'm standing taller and feeling better than I have in years.  Thank You!  Marie K.

"LOVE LOVE I always hated gyms and never liked working out but I truly enjoy my workouts here and I've never looked or felt better.  Longevity Pilates is a must for me! " Tawni H.

"I have been a client of Donna's at Longevity Pilates for a lot of years now.  The workouts are fabulous and very individualized.  It is never boring as Donna is always coming up with something new and challenging.  Donna is not only a great instructor she is very personable and extremely caring in just about everything.  All I can say is, "Try it, you'll LOVE it!" Carol H.



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